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Wishbone Day

Wishbone Day

Every year on 6th May, people come together and celebrate Wishbone Day – an international awareness-raising day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Raising awareness is crucial as it helps to raise the funds that are needed to support families living with OI and helps the BBS continue its vital work.

You can join in the fun by:

  • Wearing yellow;

  • Buying a BBS T-shirt;

  • Taking a picture and sharing it with us on social media;

  • Organising an event (for example, you could hold a cake sale in your work or school);

  • Joining our social media campaign;

  • Handing out some leaflets;

  • Putting posters up;

  • or anything else you can think of!

Whatever you have planned for Wishbone Day, get in touch.

Find out more information about Wishbone Day.


Wishbone Day events 2018

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